Far Corner
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FREE New Music

Far Corner is offering several previously unreleased tracks for FREE.
Click HERE to download.  These new tracks serve as an intermission while we are completing our third studio album.

Far Corner - 'Intermission'

Far Corner - 2009

Craig Walkner, William Kopecky, Dan Maske, Angela Schmidt

     Far Corner is a classical chamber rock quartet from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Keys, cello, bass, and percussion combine to perform improvised works, composed works, and everything in between, playing adventurous progressive rock.

     "This is not only a very accomplished recording -- it's a very entertaining one." - All Music Guide

     "Far Corner is more than just a band of highly skilled performers of detailed composition.  What separates Far Corner from its progenitors is its apparent lack of ego.  Far Corner seems more about dedication to the writing, and to creating a vibe that says more by implication than by overt display. All About Jazz

     "Keyboards, cello, bass and drums cooperate for instrumental "chamber rock", a synthesis of a heavier progressive style with acoustic elements like cello.... with the cello often following a perfectly-intoned tenth above, resulting in a slithery, silky undertow for the band....Mind-blowing.... fun to listen to..." - Keyboard

     "'Chamber rock' may not be the most commercial of genres, but it's the basis for one of the most exciting new groups in instrumental progressive music.  The Milwaukee quartet Far Corner, comprised of musicians with years of experience playing jazz and rock...make provocative and moody soundscapes that are oddly familiar yet uncomfortably distant.  ...Even listeners who aren't typically drawn to instrumental albums may be enlightened by this one." - Goldmine

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