Far Corner
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The ensemble's second CD will be released by Cuneiform Records in January, 2007.  It can be purchased from Wayside Music as well as major retailers such as Amazon.com, TowerRecords.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and many of your favorite progressive rock catalogs where many additional sound samples can be found.  Be sure to visit the Reviews page.

Far Corner's second release sees the group expanding their instrumental palette by including more keyboards, a greater variety of cello and bass sounds, orchestral percussion, and several home-made instruments.  In addition, instruments such as violin, trumpet, bamboo flute, and melodica are featured.

Compositionally, the tracks stretch farther in all stylistic directions, from the prog metal-styled "Creature Council," to the jazzy "Not From Around Here,"to the epic title track which includes a huge sonic palette of instruments, moods, and styles.

Click on the track name for a MP3 sample.

Inhuman - 3:47

Do You Think I'm Spooky? - 6:41

Creature Council - 10:17

Claws - 5:14

Not From Around Here - 8:57

Endangered - 19:50


William Kopecky:  fretted and fretless basses, wind drum
Dan Maske:  keyboards, trumpet, melodica, additional percussion
Angela Schmidt:  acoustic and electric cellos, bamboo flute, violin
Craig Walkner:  drumset

Guest Musician:  Jerry Loughney - violin solo on "Not From Around Here"

Recorded at eDream Studios
Produced by Dan Gnader & Dan Maske
Mastered by Jake Johnson at Paradyme Productions, Inc.

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