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Born in Ohio, and raised in Green Bay, WI, Angela Schmidt began cello in fourth grade, with percussion and piano following shortly thereafter.  Her musical education includes holding a BA degree in Instrumental Music Education from the UW-Milwaukee and a Masters degree in String Development (performance and pedagogy) from the UW-Madison.  Angela is currently the Director of Orchestras in Lake Mills, WI, a position she's held since 1997.  She has extensive performing experience in various symphony orchestras including the Green Bay Symphony and the Watertown Chamber Orchestra, and is a founding member of the Lakeside String Quartet.  Ms. Schmidt resides in Oconomowoc, WI with her strange and adorable husband, and two energetic Siberian Huskies.  She is currently writing a cello book for Hal Leonard Publishing, and also enjoys being loud, hiking, napping, reading, and doodling.

Date of Birth:
before Craig, after Bill and Dan.

Place of Birth:
Columbus, OH.

Primary Instrument:

Secondary Instrument(s):
violin, viola, acoustic bass (the really big one), percussion, piano, bamboo flute, crotales, etc… Instruments/Gear Used: Yamaha Silent Electric Cello (only silent when my patch cord malfunctions), and my Bulgarian acoustic cello, the violin I found in my parent's basement that my dad got for free.

Musical Training:
Thanks: Steve Bader for teaching me to count, Fred Schmidt for the early conducting model, Heather Schmidt for Syrinx, Carrie Gruselle and Terry Zegars for the kindness, Wolfgang Laufer for the honesty, Margery Deutsch for the inspiration, Tom Dvorak for letting me still be a Band Geek, Lakeside String Quartet, see resume for the rest

Most Influential Musicians:
Matt Turner, Kronos Quartet, Jeff Eckels

Most Memorable Musical Experience:
sight reading the bass parts of Oklahoma on my cello in the pit at the Pabst Theater because the bass player had a seizure.

Current Career(s):
Orchestra Director for the Lake Mills Area School District

hiking, reading, brushing my dogs' teeth

Top Five Favorite Recordings:
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum / Grand Opening & Closing, Dream Theater / 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence, Yes /Tales or Close to the Edge, Kronos Quartet plays George Crum / Black Angels, Kansas / Leftoverture (only in the summer), Rush / Hemispheres (only when it's raining), Spock's Beard / Beware of Darkness (never in June though).  I really like Outlander, Ayreon, and Univers Zero too.

Top Five Favorite Movies:
The Untouchables, Star Wars (only the ones from the 70's), A Clockwork Orange, Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, Lord of the Rings.  Yes, I am a geek.   love the Original Star Trek series too.

Top Five Favorite Books:
Crime and Punishment, Obliviously on He Sails, and I plan to read Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot.

Favorite Animal:
the ones I own

Favorite Meal:

Pet peeves:
stupid drivers (signaling and head checking really isn't that difficult), cell phones in stores (make your own decisions), and the horrible combination of stupid drivers on cell phones)

Additional Comments:
My manifesto will be out soon. It will include theories about the environment (save it), parenting (let your kid struggle a little, and stop doing everything for them), and why TV and movie soundtracks have gotten so crappy and watered down (stop dumbing it down, America.  A little dissonance is good for ya).  I might also include what's wrong with anti - union big box stores that don't use local contractors.  Maybe.  I am also working on my terrible potty mouth and controlling my sillyness.

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