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Keyboardist and composer Dan Maske is a classically-trained pianist and trumpet player.  In addition, he has experience performing and recording on drumset and voice, as well working as a conductor leading various orchestras, concert bands, and chamber ensembles.  Maske's rock music experience comes from playing in several Milwaukee-area bands, most notably the WAMI-nominated rock group Tunnel Project.  Dan has also performed on jazz gigs on piano, trumpet, and drumset. His performing has always depended on music reading as well as improvisation, both of which he brings to Far Corner in that many of the works composed for the group are fully notated, yet also include improvisation for all instruments.  Academically, Dan holds a doctoral degree in music composition from the University of Wisconsin, and has composed works which have been performed and recorded all over the world.  His most recent efforts in music include authoring a keyboard instruction book titled Progressive Rock Keyboard, published by Hal Leonard Corporation.

Date of Birth:
In the summer, when mainstream music was interesting.

Place of Birth:
My origins are under investigation by people with the right connections.  Please check back often for updates and breaking news.

Primary Instrument:

Secondary Instrument(s):
Percussion (mostly drum set, though I have to get a set of timpani for my basement) & trumpet.

Instruments/Gear Used:
In a live rock concert - Yamaha P-120 electric piano & Roland VK8 organ.  In the studio, acoustic grand piano (Sammick for CD no.1) & the real Hammond Organ w/ the funny spinning speaker.

Musical Training:
Eleven years of college and many great teachers - Jerry Spang, Judit Jaimes, John Downey, Jon Welstead, Joel Naumann, Steve Dembski, Thomas Dvorak, Wayne Cook.  Musical parents David Maske and Margo Krumnow.

Most Influential Musicians:
John Williams (...love that Star Wars), Rush, Dream Theater (this is a prog web site isn't it?), Igor Stravinsky, Bela Bartok (aren't they somewhere in our description?), John Corigliano, Joseph Schwantner, Kristof Penderecki, George Crumb, and Univers Zero for making me realize that my "classical" compositions and "rock" tunes did not have to be two separate things.  Oh yeah, after a Chic Corea concert years ago, I realized I had to practice more.

Most Memorable Musical Experience:
Standing ovation received after the premiere of my first symphony.  I wasn't chewing gum when I went up on stage was I?  I remember I had a brand-new tie.

Current Career(s):
Primary pay check comes from working for the largest music publisher in the world.  This is a fairly new job in that I used to teach music for a living (college, private lessons in piano, drum set, & trumpet, and more).  Composing for various chamber ensembles, concert bands, and orchestras.

Photography (do you like the colorful pics of the band members?), wildlife conservation, science fiction, National Public Radio junkie, hiking, dog walking (Solon & Perrin), spending time with FAR CORNER's cellist (I think she has a thing for me).

Top Five Favorite Recordings:
Star Wars original soundtrack (this again?!), One of the Chicago Symphony recordings of Stravinky's Le Sacre du Printemps, the recording I own of Bartok's The Miraculous Mandarin, Soundtrack for Altered States by John Corigliano, and Of Natural History by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

Top Five Favorite Movies:
Planet of the Apes, The Omen, Indiana Jones I & III, All The President's Men, and that one with the Darth Vader character (film tastes are very much in pop-culture.  Do I need to get more artsy?).

Top Five Favorite Books:
Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" series, "Of Wolves and Men," "Up North Wisconsin," "The Rift War Saga," & "Teaching Your Dog To Pull."

Favorite TV show(s):
Boy oh boy, television is bad these days.  Check out "Smallville!" No, really, don't think you're too old.  Seriously, give it a chance...strong and complex characters, loads of symbolism and dynamic parallels, plus a good message about parenting along with someone who can run really, really fast.  "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is quite entertaining.  "Lost" has my interest.  My X-Files DVDs are useful.  I should really get off the couch now.

Favorite Animal:
Canis Lupus Linnaeus

Favorite Meal:
Lately, I like putting cinnamon roasted almonds in the microwave.  Lots of fiber is good...mmm...fiber.  Is it time to order pizza yet?

Pet Peeves:
See Angie's list and add on: neighborhood kids who walk through my yard without asking.  So, we put up a fence...that'll show em'!

Additional Comments:
The above has a margin of error of 3% - 13%.


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