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William Kopecky is known internationally for his intense and expressive bass playing.  He has performed and recorded in the United States and abroad and is highly regarded in the progressive rock field.  His extensive discography includes CD's by Kopecky, Par Lindh Project, Far Corner, Michael Angelo Batio, Parallel Mind, Yeti Rain, and many more, and he was named Bassist of the Year in both 2004 and 2005 by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry committee.  In addition to playing fretted and fretless basses, William is also an accomplished sitarist, keyboardist, and poet (his poems have been published in over 100 literary magazines in over a dozen countries).

Date of Birth:
November 17, 1969

Place of Birth:
Racine, Wisconsin

Primary Instrument:
fretted and fretless electric basses

Secondary Instrument(s):
keyboards, sitar

Instruments/Gear Used:
-Axtra 4 string fretted and fretless custom basses
-Warwick 6 string Corvette bass
-Ampeg SVT II Pro amp
-Ampeg 8x10 and 4x10 cabinets
-Boss flanger, phaser, and digital delay
-Danelectro chorus
-Red Llama distortion
-Boomerang loop device

Musical Training:

Most Influential Musicians:
Chris Squire, Billy Sheehan, Mick Karn, Jaco Pastorius, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ravi Shankar, Tripti Mukherjee, Veena Chandra, ritual music of Tibetan monks, Robert Smith, Univers Zero, King Crimson

Most Memorable Musical Experiences:
Performing in Iceland and Asia.

Current Career(s):
musical assassin, renegade teacher of adjectives and alliteration

poetry, painting, foreign films, dark beer, sex, nightmares

Pet Peeves:
rap music, Jerry Springer, psychic vampires, dirty toilets

Top Five Favorite Recordings:
-Yes; Tales From Topographic Oceans
-Univers Zero; Heresie
-Rush; Hemispheres
-Tripti Mukherjee: Melodious Bhajans
-Kopecky; Sunset Gun

Top Five Favorite Movies:
Clockwork Orange, Lost Highway, Stalker, Ten Astonishing Short Films (Bros. Quay), Crash

Top Five Favorite Books:
-Edgar Allan Poe; Complete Tales and Poems
-J.G. Ballard; Day of Creation
-Stanislaw Lem; Solaris
-Georges Bataille; Story of an Eye
-Ted Hughes; Crow

Favorite Animals:
giraffes and scorpions

Favorite Meal:

Additional Comments:

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